Here to Listen...Here to Help

The Family & Support Centre's Executive Director is a Board of Director of PATHS. The Centre has been a member since 2004.

The mission of PATHS is to provide integrated, collaborative support for PATHS members who work with individuals directly or indirectly exposed to violence, and to provide research, program development, public awareness and education on personal and family violence in Saskatchewan.


The Family & Support Centre is a member of the Provincial Family Support Committee. The Centre has been a member since 1999.

The Family Support Program supports the healthy development of families and their children to achieve the following goals:
To ensure the safety of the children, To maintain the family whenever safe and possible and  To ensure the healthy reunification of children with their family whenever safe and possible.


The Family & Support Centre has been an active member with the Hudson Bay Interagency Committee for over 10 years.

 The Hudson Bay Family & Support Centre has been a member of Food Banks of Saskatchewan and Food Banks Canada for over 5 years.